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April Is National Welding Month

National Welding Month is upon us. As explained in a 1996 AWS press release, “The reason why April is listed as National Welding Month by Chase’s Edition of Events, a recognized calendar of commemorations, is because welding is the secret ingredient that keeps today’s world together.” It goes on to say that welding is in everyday things, from cars to toasters, as well as more extraordinary things: “Welding has taken us to the moon and back, produced monuments of steel where we work and live, defended us in war and has been integral in modern research—from connecting computer pathways to bonding space age materials.”

Welding Greeting Card

Happy Welding!via Funkart on Zazzle

Of course, National Welding Month was not created so that members of the welding industry could pat themselves on the back and talk about how great welding is. Those in the industry already know about the “wonders” of welding. National Welding Month is about education and encouragement—informing people about the industry and getting them involved.

How does one go about celebrating National Welding Month? As Helium.com contributor Janet Cipolli astutely observes, “You almost never see any ‘Happy Welding!’ or ‘During This Time of Annealing’ greeting cards.” Hmm…I’m sensing a new market for distributors here.

Working with school welding programs is one great way to promote National Welding Month this April. GAWDA President Bryan Keen and Keen Compressed Gas (Wilmington, DE) made a difference for students at one lucky school by giving them a welding lab makeover. Other GAWDA members will be stepping up to the “Paint A Vo-Tech” challenge throughout the month.

In the video below, 2012 AWS President Bill Rice says, “It is my goal to make national welding month a time for everyone to recognize the contributions to our lives and to our future generations.” He adds, “National welding month is a time to tell everyone what you do and what opportunities are available.”

What are you doing this April to commemorate National Welding Month? Share by leaving a comment or tweeting @GasWeldEdge.

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